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Caitlin Foley

Caitlin Foley is interested in creating spaces conducive to experiencing time slowly.  The Internet is almost constantly at our fingertips and ready to supply definitions, justifications of ailments, answers to political questions, etc. It is easy to develop a habit of expecting quick answers and to Caitlin, this seems dangerously close to denying the unknown. As an artist, she employs traditional drawing, fiber, and printmaking techniques within a contemporary framework of multimedia and participatory installations. Her use of materials responds to the contemporary environment by combining human made and natural elements. Caitlin also enjoys working collaboratively with a group of artists called the DS Institute to create participatory artworks, such as a mobile sauna and sweat battery, that provide utopian solutions for contemporary problems.

Caitlin’s recent work has been exhibited at Marymount California University in Los Angeles, The New Museum’s Idea’s City Festival in Manhattan and the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, NY. She is currently coordinating and developing visual arts programs in Los Angeles for Syracuse University.

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