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May 25 @ 12:00 am

Colonels Row House 404A

Feralpy is a radical and untamed exploration of experimental forms of therapy by artists curated by Jemila MacEwan and Amelia Heintzelmann for Flux Factories summer programming. Taking place on Governors Island over consecutive weekends over the summer this wild and free-range exhibition is open to performances, meditations, classes, installations, video work, and one-on-one experiences offered by artists.

These events will take place over a series of weekends grouped as following

– Workshops/participatory/experiential projects

– Films/video works for in person screening

– Live performances – music, dance, multimedia etc.

In addition to this, we will have an exhibition that is an archive of processes. We are accepting works appropriate for exhibition with a focus on process, documentation of previous events, instructive writing etc.

Traditional forms of talk therapy can often be problematic, unsuitable or inaccessible for many reasons. As a matter of personal and creative survival, many artists have developed their own unique therapeutic practices that utilize aspects of their creative processes. These experimental forms of therapy are often born out of a need for distinct creative methods for working through the specific needs of coping with neuro-divergency, trauma, queerness, high sensitivity, and alienation which are common experiences for artists. In Feralpy we get curious about these free-range healing practices and invite artists to share them with a wider audience in an accessible, stigma-free, and donation-based format.

Through its open call for artists, Feralpy invites those who have discovered therapeutic value in their art to offer their skills and expertise to others. We also welcome work that has been created through critical examination of existing therapies, or would be meaningfully illuminated when viewed through the context of therapeutic practice. Each artist will be free to design and facilitate their own approach to the topic, creating a diverse and multifaceted experience for attendees. We hope that through sharing this often invisible and deeply considered aspect of artists’ work attendees will be empowered to explore and experiment with creating their own personally tailored therapeutic practices. 

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