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Meal8: Open Kitchen with Red Flower Collective

Governors Island Colonels Row House 404A

Meal8: Open Kitchen is centered around dishes that can be cooked in the absence of fire. With the limitations of the available kitchen in mind, we explore in this menu propositions for a kitchen without heat: cooking without a stove or oven; operating with limited access to water; and focusing on fermented, cured, macerated, preserved, and pickled ingredients.

Daxophone Workshop

Institut for (X) Skovgaardsgade 5C, Aarhus C

In this workshop, daxophone luthier Daniel Fishkin will guide participants through a range of playing techniques and musical approaches.

Benefit for Trans Justice Funding Project

Governors Island Colonels Row House 404A

Songs from some of the biggest trans music stars in a fundraiser for Trans Justice Funding Project played in the beautiful lawn at Colonels Row House 404A featuring short solo music sets by Erica Dawn Lyle (Bikini Kill, Art in America), Gavilán Rayna Russom (LCD Soundsystem), Erica Freas, Sulynn Hago, Worm Mother, Amelia Jackie, Starly Bri, and Kate Slauter.

Every Nigga Is A Star Trek Club Event

Nancy Manocherian's the cell theatre 338 W 23rd St, New York

This is the main club event for the Black Bliss Rave Exhibition. **Update - this event is limited capacity and invite only. For the general public, please come by for…

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