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Heather Kapplow

Heather Kapplow is a self-taught conceptual artist based in Boston, MA. Her work at Flux Factory is part of an ongoing series of projects focused on the nature of vocation. Over the course of almost ten friggin’ years now, Heather has been investigating different career paths in deep, unorthodox ways by providing alternate interpretations of job titles and work experiences.

For the month of July 2013, she is acting as a Weather Reporter for SP Weather Station, measuring the weather around their weather measuring devices with her own body’s weather measuring devices, And studying when, why, and how people talk about the weather. Her goal, beyond creating a product for the 2013 SP Weather Station portfolio, is to look closely at the places where social discomfort and physical discomfort meet and cancel one another out.

The image shown here is a piece of canvas containing sweat, sunscreen and Long Island City weather, from the second day of the project, July 2, 2013. When the Weather Report is completed, its results will be available at:

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