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Ioanna Gouma

Ioanna Gouma‘s work is influenced by microcosm and macrocosm. A starting point is
often the observation of the natural environment – rhythms and routes that she
discovers in the landscape. She finds interest in imperfection and profundity
in nature’s impermanence. The images begin with mono-printed stains and
drippings –sometimes intends to discover different potential developments
and structures into space .There is an amalgam of oppositions: the internal in
fusion with the external, the underground with the celestial, past with future
and archeology with science. Utopian maps suggest a universe that is in
constant motion.

Ioanna graduated from Athens School of Fine Art with distinction. She has
received a scholarship from the state ‘IKY’ foundation for her MA at the Royal
College of Art. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions including
IPCNY International Print Center New York, New Prints 2012/Winter.
NurtureArt 2011 Benefit, Chelsea Art Museum, New York.

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