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Lehna Huie: Out of Many, One People

Opening Reception: July 14th, 7 pm – 11 pm
Exhibition Dates: July 15, 21, 22, 6 pm – 9 pm

Lehna Huie’s solo exhibition, Out of Many, One People is a commentary on multiculturalism through the lens of Jamaican culture. The exhibition title comes from Jamaica’s national motto, and alludes to the island’s diversity of cultures.

In this exploration of her biographical links to Jamaica, Huie addresses assumptions stemming from tourism and ways of “tasting” the island. She combines a series of multidisciplinary artistic approaches that will activate the five senses in order to reflect on the Jamaican-American experience in 2012.

The artist describes her project at Flux Factory in the following way:

The installation is based on my history, reflections and knowledge of the country that my family comes from with the hopes of exposing the influence of tourism and immigration.

It will offer a brief sketch of “the land of wood and water,” taking into consideration the waves of emigration; the natural environment and geographic location; trade, from agricultural to musical; contemporary media’s framing of Jamaica; and competing notions of abundance and scarcity.

In this narrative installation viewers will be guided through a recreation of the typical tourist experience, including references to historical and contemporary architecture; Jamaican slogans and advertisements; traditional music, cuisine, and beverages; as well as a gallery within the gallery displaying works the artist made during her residency at Flux Factory.

About the artist:
Lehna Huie is a story gatherer and storyteller who archives, records, and reflects culture. Her belief is in the power of collaborative, “multi-vocal” art to give voice to living culture as critique, celebration, and transformation. Her inspiration and strength come from the various notions of “home” and “travel” in the physical and spiritual life. Her work echoes the deep roots of the African Diaspora; Brooklyn urban life experienced in her NYC birthplace; and the richness of her family’s beloved homeland, Jamaica. Lehna is a curator with a firm dedication to social justice as well as a creative arts educator for children of all ages. The Huie canvas is culture; the Huie medium is diversity in expression. Huie is currently a Flux Artist-in-Residence. Her residency and the exhibition Out of Many, One People is sponsored, in part, by Huie’s New York Community Trust fellowship through Flux Factory.

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