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New York 9.11.01

Supported Project:

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The New York City 9.11.01 project
is pleased to announce its inclusion in: Missing: Streetscape of a City in Mourning,
on exhibit at the Roberson Museum,

from February 9 – October, 2003.

Narinder Singh “I can see the difference – people look at me differently. Sometimes they think I m a Muslim which is not the point. There shouldn’t be backlash against the Muslims or the Sikhs. “
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Allan Cruz
Decontamination Specialist, Battalion 4

“it was still a bit dark out, cloudy – like, couldn’t really see much in front of me. I was driving down very, very slow. Still trying to process what the hell is going on – where do I go from here? Where are my people? Where are all my rescue people?”

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