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Feedback on Magical Wonderful Land of Ice, Dec 15th 2002

Dear FluxFolks -- Land of Ice was outstanding! The energy and innovation y'all put into this production MUCH appreciated ! Short-list of my personal favorites: 1. The Theme Song 2. the endlessly patient and generous purple-arts-&-crafts-lady Costumes were wonderful [special…

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Whitestone Times Sept. 2002

New exhibit at QMA celebrates boro's diversity By Arlene McKanic 09/26/2002 "Queens International," at the Queens Museum through Nov. 3, is huge, noisy, splashy, and exhausting. And that's just the installation by The Flux Factory. The exhibit showcases more than…

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New York Times Magazine, March 7, 1999

THE HUMAN HABITAT: Sharing Space in Brooklyn; 15 People, One Loft By Colin Moynihan In August 1993, Beth Rollins, Morgan Meis and five friends rented part of the second floor of a former factory warehouse next to the East River…

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