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Serge Stephan

Paris based artist Serge Stephan (1971) is a storyteller in many mediums. Writing, performance, sculpture, painting and music are fields that he infiltrates and plays against each other. Projects of the last decade include: Decision Support Program, based on the animist manipulation of fragmented objects; Pomme Poire, a series of haunted performances with the musicians Franq Quengo and Erik Minkinnen; The YKFD Project with Nathalie Bles, that shifted and drifted a modular bubble house, a French modernist design icon from 1968; Charleroi Nails, a short novella which shares its title with Stephan’s watermarble demo channel on youtube, which originated in the most ruined city in central Europe. This year he started developing his own amateur version of yoga : the Lalayoga.


Capture d’écran 2012-09-17 à 16.32.35

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