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Tingwei Li


Tingwei Li is a Chinese born artist based in Berlin, having recently worked in Beijing. She arranges information associated with objects of all kinds and engages in inter-disciplinary based research. Her current works are collaged installations created as sensors for transmitting the perception of unspoken and indescribable feelings. Visual elements, sounds, videos and ready-made objects unite the identity of self with intangible phenomenon, reflecting the emotional dissonance in the information era. Working through ideas of the body, specifically our pursuit of a “healthier” mental and physical condition, she is currently researching the way communities address contemporary health issues.
Tingwei studied at Hunter College, UdK Berlin and is currently pursuing a Meisterschueler title at the Berlin University of Arts. She has shown in Galerie Gerken Berlin, Villa Renata Basel, EGG Gallery Beijing, chi K 11, Shanghai, Intelligentsia Gallery Beijing, Kreuzberg Pavillon Berlin, Flowers Gallery NYC among others.”
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