Artificial Retirement Open Call

Artificial Retirement

Coming August/September 2016


Artificial Retirement invites artists, researchers, and educators motivated by failure, imperfection, and destructive progression to create artworks, workshops, and performances. We are looking for creative practitioners who find beauty in encountered errors. The aim of this project is not only to celebrate present modern technology, but also to challenge and investigate human behavior towards technology. If we can create well-functioning technology, we also have the freedom to malfunction it.

The keywords for this exhibition are error, malfunction, imperfection, destruction. Participants may examine what we discard and eliminate without thoughtful process when we use technology / redefine the concepts of ‘successful’ and ‘failed’ / find new meanings for our daily functioning technology, etc. We are looking forward to meeting your meaningfully malfunctioning poetic digital gadgets.

Participants who wish to show and run their visual arts, time-based arts, and workshops are all welcome to apply.  Work must involve digital or mechanical materials in process, practically and/or conceptually. All involved with Artificial Retirement will be invited to have an artist talk & discussion session with public.

Artificial Retirement is one of Flux Factory’s 2016 major exhibitions and is co-curated by Jung In Jung and Joelle Fleurantin.


Submission Deadline: Sunday, July 10th 2016

Notification of Acceptance: Monday July 18th 2016

Exhibition & Workshop & Artist Talk Period: August 19th 2016 – September 11th 2016

Preview/ opening performance: August 19th 2016

Closing performance: September 11th 2016


Submission Guidelines

Please submit the listed materials below as PDF according to your interest. All submissions should be sent to

Artworks for exhibition / Performances

  • Description of your work (max 500 words – include images, sketches, or any supporting media links.)
  • Artist statement or bio (max 200 words),
  • Work samples (up to 5 examples with images, video or sound links with brief descriptions.)
  • CV


  • Description of workshop idea (max 500 words – Please include logistics to explain how it can be manageable)
  • Statement or bio (max 200 words)
  • Work examples if you have similar workshop experience (up to 3 samples with images or any media links to support with brief descriptions)
  • CV


If you have any questions related to the open call, please email to

** We only accept electronic medium for the submission. No DVDs or CDs. Do not submit any music or video files as email attachment. It might exceed the email storage allowance and block your application. Upload your media files to online platform such as Vimeo, Youtube, or Soundcloud, and provide those media links in your PDF.

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Domestication en Flux



Join Fluxy Community Organizer Gil Lopez, for domestic arts skillshares throughout June.

All workshops will happen on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8pm upstairs in our communal kitchen, and there is no cost to attend.

RSVP on Facebook or email


Dates, topics & descriptions:
June 1Grow Mushrooms • Learn how to cultivate and grow edible mushrooms right in your own home.

June 8Make Yogurt • Easy and rewarding to make, yogurt requires very few supplies and minimal preparation.

June 22Brew Beer • An introduction to the fermentation process that produces the tasty, alcoholic beverage we all know and love, Mmm… beer

June 29Cooking Insects • Learn about entomophagy’s history, taboos and new markets. Learn to incorporate insects into your recipes and sample some bugs together.


Gil has been involved with Flux Factory since 2013 and is interested in the day-to-day life of collectives, cooperatives and communes. Through these workshops he hopes to share knowledge and skills that will encourage New Yorkers to engage more directly and thoughtfully with the food they consume and to inspire ritual through food preparation processes.

**Please note, there is no workshop scheduled on June 15.

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Bastian Hoffman

Bastian Hoffmann (born 1983 in Frankfurt, Germany) is a German artist who creates sculptures, installations and videos. He is interested in conceptual analysis of common objects and everyday situations. He carries issues such as the cosmos, natural phenomena, the familiar, and the traditional object to the point of absurdity. At the very conception of each work, Bastian considers the seemingly impossible thought of its existence, with he goal being the physical realization of this fictional construct.

Bastian Hoffmann studied at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and Art Academy Düsseldorf and is the recipient of the North ­Rhine Westphalia State Award for Young Artists.



Sarah Dahlinger

Sarah Dahlinger (Wyoming, 1987) is a visual artist coming to Flux from Portland, ME. As a multi-media artist, printmaker and cook, Sarah is interested in the complexities of social experiences, cultural idiosyncrasies and collective vices. Her work often pulls from specific venues that offer entertainment, distraction and escape in an effort to contemplate the relationship between moments of extraordinary circumstance and the inevitable return to day-to-day routine.

Sarah has recently shown in the Danube Video Art Festival (Grein, Austria), First Street Gallery (NYC), InLight Richmond (Richmond, Virginia), and Athens International Film and Video Festival (Athens, Ohio). Sarah also frequently collaborates with a group of artists called Springboard Collective; their most recent project being “Good Humor” held at Flux Factory last August.


Olesya Shchukina

Olesya Shchukina is a Russian animation filmmaker and illustrator based in France. She mixes drama and comedy and uses animation as a medium to bring her ideas to life. Her shorts were screened at many film festivals around the world. She studied at St Petersburg State University of Cinema and TV (2009) and La Poudrière animation school (2012). Olesya is also a co-founder of Ko-ko-ko.

Spring 2016 Fluxers-in-Residence Group Show


On View:
Wednesday, May 18th – Sunday, May 22nd, 12-4 pm

Potluck, Artist Talks & Dance Party:
Saturday, May 21st, 8pm – 12 am

This exhibition celebrates the exuberance of the Flux Factory community, presenting work made by our Spring 2016 artists-in-residence. As part of the LIC Arts Open, our gallery will feature a variety of works created by our current and most recent resident artists.

The theme of this F.A.I.R. show is “Flux Green and Flamingo Pink.” Fluxers either used these two colors in their submissions or these colors inspired their process of creations. Organizers Eleanor Scholz and Seth Timothy Larson encouraged Fluxers to only use tools, resources, and materials found in LIC.

The exhibition will be open to the public from Wednesday 5/18 – Sunday 5/22.

Please also join us for a potluck, artist talks, and a dance party in the kitchen on Saturday, May 21st. Dinner begins at 8 pm, followed by artist talks at 9 pm, and festivities in the kitchen begin around 10 pm.

Participating Fluxers:

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Barbara Vergara

Bárbara Vergara is an artist from Santiago, Chile, currently living in México City. Her work focuses on the visual reflection of everyday life, through observing the actions and issues that emerge in public space. In recent years her work has developed from observations and travels throughout the city, the context often multiple and distinct reveals the converging elements interacting in public. Beginning from what occurs in the everyday, specifically in public streets, she focuses on the ways that public space is practiced and inhabited, as a process of revealing the political, social and economic structures present.

From this exploration is where the research and then visual journals emerge, narrating stories that break linear time and space. The acquired fragments become crystallized or frozen, emerging as memories without place or time yet preserved through this assembled material. In this way, time functions like an axis, manifesting as videos, photographs, encapsulated resin, bags with objects, and waste and graphic materials, that are then brought to installation sphere.


Cait Davis

The most common themes in the work of Cait Davis are nature, dichotomy and questions about existence. A multidisciplinary artist with a background in film and visual arts, she appreciates artwork that challenges her, making her uneasy while begging further examination. Cait explores these themes through varying techniques, including live-action cinema, animation, sculpture and printmaking, setting her subjects in a range of landscapes, from the darkly ominous to the candy colored. Cait co-owns a small stop-motion animation studio called Springtime Jellyfish and is currently completing her short film, “Stories of the Unconscious.” Not satisfied unless she has absolutely no free time, she is also sculpting imaginary creatures in ceramic, as well as continuing a print series of slugs.