Utopia School

Utopia School is hosting a 5 day pop-up school from January 25th – 29th focused on the practical aspects of opening a new community space in New York City and/or the northeast USA.

Open Call: Saunter Trek Escort Parade… (S.T.E.P…. )

S.T.E.P… welcomes proposals that approach walking from all perspectives and people: walking as protest, to take up space, to be visible, walking as choreography, walking as marching band, as Hip Hop, as Carnival, intervention, parade, pilgrimage, funerary, liberation, labor, humor.


“Possession”, an exhibition and performance by Jack Hogan, is about the everyday sadism and masochism, the barely perceptible codes and aggressions, that turn boys into adolescents for life.

(Re) mnants – Solo exhibition by Muse Dodd

(Re) mnants is an interactive digital media installation, chronicling visual artist and filmmaker Monique Muse Dodd’s journey into her ancestral and spiritual heritage.

Flux Thursday – (Re) mnants: (Re) inscribing Memory

This Flux Thursday will be hosted by Monique Muse Dodd, in connection with her exhibition  (Re) mnants.

Play this motif 840 times in succession

Stephen McLeod is working on an ambitious project to play Erik Satie’s composition, “Vexations” on 840 different pianos.  It will probably take him many years to complete.  In the meantime he is making (silly) experiments using the Vexations score as a starting point — considering the problems of instruction art and the limitations of language in conveying any sort of truth.

Forgiveness: Resisting Racism by the B3W Performance Group

B3W Performance Group presents a performance and conversation of seeds for the second installment of the Forgiveness Project “Forgiveness: Resisting Racism.”

Flux Thursday: Karaoke Choir

Sing or listen as you feel comfortable, but certainly eat as this is a yummy potluck, as usual for flux thursday. Please bring something to share and enjoy an evening of song.  

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