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Lee Tusman

Lee Tusman presents projects that straddle the intersection of ideas that are socially-based, urban in nature and that combine unconventional practices with contemporary visual arts and internet media.
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Antje Rieck

Antje Rieck's work examines ideas of transformation, transcendance and metamorphosis, positioning the human body as a porous receptacle in dialogue with its environment.
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Paul Kuniholm Pauper

Paul Kuniholm Pauper is a public artist who creates art embodying sculptural objects, often using a human as exhibition system, art using digital material, video and various time-based artwork.
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Kathryn Sclavi

Kathryn Sclavi creates socially-engaged projects such as colorful forts, art parades, social gatherings, and workshops designed to encourage communication, celebrate spaces, and create new dimensions of shared experiences.
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Robert Levy

Robert Levy's present work encompasses electromechanical sculpture, installation, and photography, and draws inspiration from nonlinear dynamics and systems neuroscience. He is especially interested in oscillatory models of mental illness and social dysfunction, and in the investigation of boundary states where scientific practice coexists with magic and folklore.
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